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Avengers NOW! A New Captain America, A Superior Iron Man, & The New Avengers

Following the announcement of the new female Thor made on The View, Marvel has revealed new plans for the Avengers, Iron Man, and a brand new Captain America!

The reports of the new Thor were met with a little strangeness on the internet, partly because of the strange reveal on The View that had more than a few fans confused by the PR move. However, no one really batted an eye when Marvel revealed on The Colbert Report who would be taking over the role of the Sentinel of Liberty, Captain America. Rick Remender has recently drastically altered the world of Steve Rogers, who has had the super-soldier serum removed from him, making him unable to continue on as Captain America.

Joe Quesada appeared again on The Colbert Report to announce that the new Captain America will be Sam Wilson, who as the Falcon was a constant companion to Rogers. Stephen Colbert is no stranger to the Captain America universe, having received the shield of Cap on his program previously. The first images of Sam Wilson as the new Captain America were revealed, and showcased a unique mixture of the Falcon and Cap outfits, while also featuring some elements of the new SHIELD uniforms we’ve seen on Nick Fury and Jim Hammond recently.


The Geek Exchange Episode 009

The Geek Exchange 009 – Less Than Meets The Eye

The latest episode of The Geek Exchange Podcast takes a look at Transformers: Age of Extinction and what has become of Michael Bay. We also look towards San Diego Comic-Con International, discuss Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and make some bold predictions about the Marvel Studios panel.

Oh, and Amanda goes a little crazy over Booster Gold fan fiction.


Comic Video Game Justice

10 Comic Characters Still Waiting For Video Game Justice

Comic book characters have been making the jump to video games for decades, yet the majority of these games tend to – well, they tend to suck.

More recently we have seen Batman and the Arkham series take the gaming world by storm, but even Batman has his Dark Tomorrow. Spider-Man has seen a number of games in his history, with a few hitting the mark, and many more falling short.

There are a number of characters who have either starred in their own terrible games, or perhaps made an appearance in another more popular titles without getting much time for themselves. There are even a few characters who have had games fall into developmental hell and never get finished, published, or ever heard from again. We are going to take a look at 10 characters who have yet to see a game that really does them justice.

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GEEK’s Weekly Comic Pull List – 7/2/14

It’s that time again, as GEEK’s Weekly Comic Pull List is out!

So much to be excited for this week, with Marvel releasing a bunch of new #1’s and some fantastic covers like Magneto #6, DC’s Earth  2 #25 reveals a new Superman, and Image Comics’ East of West #12 promises to continue the fantastic story from Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta.

What new comic are you most looking forward to this week?

Check out the pull list at the link at the top of the page and then join the discussion on the GEEK Facebook page with your answer to the above question!

Captain Canuck Feat

Celebrate Canada Day with Captain Canuck!

Happy Canada Day! Yes, I am Canadian. I’m not the only Canuck on the GeekExchange staff either, as both Daniel Woizinski and Mitchell Corner hail from the North, with our extra ‘u’s and love of beer and politeness.

This Canada Day I would like to share with you my national superhero, who you may or may not have heard of. His name is Captain Canuck, and today seems like a good time to celebrate him a little as well.

Captain Canuck is not known for his wide reaching influence across the world, nor his stature as a high profile superhero in any popular comic universe. But for a period of time he was pretty well known in the Great White North. That’s Canada, if you don’t get the reference.



6 Alternate Versions of Cyclops Across the Multiverse

I also write occasionally for the British website What Culture, though lately I have been focusing on my personal projects more which leaves little time for some of the fun side articles I liked to take on every once in a while.

I’ll be reposting a few of these What Culture articles here over the next few weeks, I hope you enjoy them! First off, I started a series called “Across the Multiverse,” which takes a look at some of the most interesting alternate versions of our favorite comic book characters. Starting with my favorite X-Man, Cyclops.

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Drifter – Life is Good…

The newest season of the Urban 30 blog is up and running, and I was lucky enough to kick off this new season with the first new post in over a year!

In fact, it’s been a year since we last checked in on the team of heroes known as the Urban 30, and the various members of the team are spread out and vulnerable to a new threat on the horizon.

Drifter – Life is Good…

I woke up suddenly, alert. A movement to my left, gone now. I tried to clear the fog of sleep out of my head when a loud piercing clanging sounded on my right. Sitting up quickly, I rubbed my eyes and reached out to silence the alarm clock. I yawned, and settled back into the bed. Another movement on my left, and I could see the curve of Nat’s body rustle under the covers. She pulled the blanket down sheepishly under her nose, exiting from the cocoon of sleep she covered in every night.

“Mrnin bby,” she muttered through the blanket, as her arm slid across my chest and she nestled in. As the covers finally fell free from her shoulder I was stunned by how beautiful she looked. I was always stunned by how beautiful she looked, especially so early in the morning. ‘Early’ of course meaning the crack of noon today.

“Morning,” I replied with a chuckle, wrapping my arm around her and giving a quick squeeze. I looked around my bedroom, which looked considerably different than it had when I first moved in, but I was getting used to it. She had only moved in herself a month ago, and had wasted no time in putting her own spin on my formerly drab and dreary decor. Natalie sat up, stretching, and I admired her nightwear, or lack thereof. I wanted to do more than admire but I actually had work to do today.

Read the rest at urban3zero.com and be sure to check out the Urban 30 free comic!


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